Played my first ever game of Scrabble yesterday. Took about 2.5 hours and ended in a draw!

Ro and I were getting bored of UNO. So we went around looking for some board games. Too bad there isn’t a Kids ‘R’ Us anymore in Kuwait. Checked out those toy shops in Sharq, the ones in between all those car dealers and the mobile phones. Most of them just sell cycles. Found one guy with Scrabble, but they were all the French version. And he had a huge stock of them!!! Lotsa French scrabble players in Kuwait?

Then drove down to Souk Shark to check out Fantasy World. They got a nice collection of toys there. They could do with a better collection of LEGO’s. Found a nice Travel version of Scrabble for the same price as the standard. Good deal I think.

Hasbro has a nice online Dictionary and Word Builder. I put in my name in the word builder just to see what comes up. 31 combinations starting with AI - a three-toed sloth!