Was going over some of my great hacking achievements over the past few years at SWITCH. One of the best was creating the Sabre POS for travel agents.

MySabre from Sabre is a 100% web-based application for travel agents to book airline tickets, hotels, cars, etc. Sabre said their app would only work in IE on Windows. It needed 3 logins to get to the booking screen. All I wanted to do initially was to get it running on Linux to reduce costs.

I took it all the way. Got it working on a Thin Client (disk-less) Linux station in FireFox. I reduced the logins required to just 1 and got rid of all the excess app interface that agents kept complaining about. Reduced the initial load time from about 5 mins to just about 15 secs. All that in just 3 days. :)

It supposedly caused quite a stir at the Sabre Head Office back in Texas.