Privacy is a big thing. And a lotta people just don’t realise that almost everything they do on the Internet is recorded or can be recorded. Flushing the cache and deleting the history in your browser isn’t enough. Most ISP’s keep a log. Heck, any decent IT admin logs all traffic to and from the corporate Internet gateway. I know I do, but just to blackmail staff and steal their lunch. :D

What happens when you are no longer in control of these logs or you are an IT admin behind another gateway like when using public Wifi. How do you hide your tracks? Well, proxies have always been around and are gr8 to access the umpteen “blocked sites” in Kuwait. But the good ones come at a monthly/yearly subscription fee.

While surfing around, I came across TOR. Its been around for a while and works pretty good. Very easy to install and blends in well with FireFox too. Seems to have a few problems with google but in FireFox there is a nifty status bar icon you can use to switch between TOR and the regular network. Its a must have for all techies.