I’ve been watching the new Knight Rider 2008 [link]. I was very excited to see one of my favourite childhood TV shows being continued. The pilot episode was quite nice but the following episodes were not too exciting.

I think the Ford Mustang was a pretty good choice. Nice little muscle car. What I don’t like are those transformations. Too much computer graphics. The most ridiculous one is where the car turns into a pickup truck. That’s just dumb. Guess they couldn’t find anyone talented enough to put in some mechanical transformations. I like the in-car projection thingy. But where are those runway-style lights on the accelerator? I miss those shots where KITT would start up and drive itself, they were pretty exciting.

Now the cast. There are too many people on that team. If I recall correctly for most of the original Knight Rider there was just Michael, Devon and Bonnie. I just don’t know, there is something missing in the show, maybe its just the charm that David had. I guess Justin has some pretty big shoes to fill :)