Any developer who has worked with me will tell you that I’m a real fussy fellow when it comes to keeping the code clear and readable. But when it comes to the HTML code its a different story. I love it compressed. No extra lines and no extra white-space. The thing is that extra white-space, blank lines and comments are ignored by the browsers. So what’s the point in sending them to the browser in the first place!!! It just eats up more bandwidth and takes a few milliseconds more to download.

With wordpress, its the same thing. Lotsa white-space. But I have a special dilemma. I’d like to use as many 3rd party modules as I want to and keep them all up to date. But that would mean fixing the code in all these modules every time. So I’ve designed a special module for WordPress. It cleans up the HTML code just before its sent out to the browser. Now I can play with all the modules I want to without having to worry about the HTML code.

The above image gives you an idea of what the HTML looked like befor and after using my new module.