This email came by as a forward…

“Yesterday i went shopping in fahaheel with my wife. Unimaginable things happened there in fahaheel parking. So i thought i can share this to every expatriates in kuwait to alert while going out. Actually we were in our car in centrepoint parking (behind centrepoint – near mosque) where we park normally. I was just looking out for a parking slot to park my car. Two teenagers (about 12-14yrs) just opened the door(other side where my wife was sitting) and talking something in arabic. As we don’t know the language, i just told them to close the door.One guy closed the front door while the other opened the rear door & peeped in. When i was about to open my door to get them out, that guy took my wife’s handbag & ran away. This happened in the main place where almost all expatriates parking their vehicles. there’s traffic on the other side & also some people around. I just followed them until ajial complex but in vain. One of the harris who’s staying nearby the paid parking area told this is not the first time & happens often nowadays. This is the fourth consecutive incident known to him in the past 10 days. So we need to take care while driving or in the parking or even while walking on the streets especially for the local teenager’s. Thank god civil id/passport were not there in that bag but with mobile & some cash.

Lessons learned/recommendations:

1. Always keep ur car centre locked until u come to a complete stop/park.
2. Take extreme care when u hold any bag’s loosen ‘coz possibility of snatching the things while walking.
3. Better not to keep any official documents like civil id’s or any other valuables in the handbag.
4. Try to go as a group of minimum 4.

Any other recommendations are invited.”