Sabre is the tool travel agents use to book airline tickets. Its a web based app that only runs in IE 5.5 on Windows. Or so Sabre says.

2 years ago I got it working on Firefox on a Linux thin client. Today I got bored and tried to get it running on Google Chrome, the fastest browser so far.

The task was easier than I imagined. A 10 min job. Here is what you need to do…

1) Get Google Chrome.

2) Install the latest java runtime. Version 6.11as of today.

3) If you have any Chrome windows open, close them and start again.

4) Go to and login. Ignore the following screen.

5) Then type in

(used to be

And your done!!!

One thing to note, is that the non-blue-screen functionality (like the point and click popups) will not work. Then again, if you are a pro Sabre user, you probably never use them anyway.

Have fun and leave a comment if this was of any help.