The return flight from Dubai on Emirates was great. Looked like a new 777 aircraft. And the most amazing thing was this new version of ICE coupled with wide-screen displays on every seat in economy (no, my company won’t pay for a business class ticket).

The control too was new with a nice led display, clean back-lit keys and a full keyboard for typing your sms messages. There is a USB port on every seat for playing your favorite MP3′s and for viewing your holiday snaps …very nice idea. One strange thing I noticed was the network port available only on the middle seat. I still don’t know what its for. Anyone has a clue? Some kind of on-board lan perhaps? Next time I have to carry my network cables as well. :)

The seats too are improved and the whole seat reclines when you push it back. Very comfortable.

The business and first class seats were out of this world. You got to see it to believe it. :)