Ray mentioned previously that he had timeout issues with the blog. He also brought to my attention yesterday that my Genealogy site Goan.name was having issues. Now that’s a site with a lot of hits so I decided to take a look into the matter on priority and figure out why there were issues.

I used to use DNSStuff a lot previously but since they went paid I thought I’d try to find a free alternative. I landed on DNSsy [link]. I would recommend this highly to anyone running a website. All you need to do is enter your domain name and read the report it generates. Its very informative.

Basically DNSsy runs a series of test on your domain name and its name servers and flags each of the results. You need to pay attention to the line entires which are flagged as “Fail” and “Security”. The others are mostly informative. You should be able to safely ignore the “Performance” and “Warning” flags in most cases.

I had some mixed up dns entries. This was since I moved servers and didn’t check all the settings on my name servers. I spent about an hour re-configuring the DNS settings on all my domains both at the registrar and on the server. It looks good now. I’ll know for sure in 24-48 hours once the changes have propagated across the globe. :)