“Thousands of passengers on AeroMobile-equipped Emirates aircraft depart daily from Dubai to destinations across its global network. Over 350 Emirates short and long haul flights operate weekly with AeroMobile covering services to 49 countries. That’s about 1/4th of their entire fleet.

The AeroMobile in-flight system allows passengers the choice of safely using their own mobile phones to make and receive phone calls and text messages from Emirates aircraft, with charges in line with international roaming rates. The fast-growing popularity of the service sees typically more than 30 per cent of passengers on each flight taking advantage of the award-winning system.”

The service should be used only once you reach 36,000 feet. Not during take off or landing. Safety reasons and all that! :) I decided to switch on my cell phone on a recent flight. One thing that caught my attention was the network signal. It kept going up and down continuously. Sent an SMS and it went through pretty well. Didn’t receive the reply till the flight landed in Dubai. 

Overall this service is good but just imagine everyone on the plane yapping away while your trying to watch a nice comedy.