Well, to be honest, I only went there to check out the water bottle wall. :D Saw it on Chikapappi’s blog. [link]

The exhibition was at Mishref Fair grounds and was mainly for all Zain partners to showcase their wares. There were a lot of offers at every stall but overall it was the same stuff being sold at every stall. Not impressive at all.

The only stall that did stand out was that of Fonz. They has the water bottle wall :) . Seems the wall was part of some “try your luck” offer. You throw a ball at the top of the wall and it trickles down bouncing from one side to the other till it lands in an appropriate bin below. That decides your gift. There were a few other fun toys at that stall too.

The only thing missing there was service. YES, this stall had the worst service. I waited for 10 mins at the FONZ counter and when my turn came the two guys at the counter just ignored me. And I was all set to buy a netbook with a viva Internet connection. Good thing I didn’t. Seems the viva internet connection assigns private IPs which limit the “fun”/hacking factor while on the net. Thanks Ray for that info.