The beta version of TravTools’ Agent Tools is finally up. [link]

The only tool available right now is the itinerary and E-Ticket viewer for Sabre PNRs. This tool is a great replacement for Sabre’s VirtuallyThere. One of the key problems most of the Middle East travel agents face is the lack of a decent itinerary editor. Virtually there has no edit option for agents so they are unable to customize itineraries easily before sending them out to customers. Also the latest update to VirtuallyThere has left agents complaining about the new itinerary format.

In addition to the editing capability, this tool will allow them to easily switch between two itinerary templates and then either print or email the same to the customer. 

All you travel agents, go ahead and sign up and play around. If you need your agency letter-head added to the itinerary use the contact form with details. I hope to be able to add more tools to this section shortly. 

As usual, your feedback is needed.