It was around 9.30 at night and Ro just got off (pretty late) from work. Now she was exhausted from working late and so was I from being made to unnecessarily slog at the office the whole day so we decided to eat out. The nearest place I could think of was the Avenues. 

So we reached there in 15 mins and since it was a week day, the parking lot was almost empty. Took the lift up to the food court and after a quick look around the place we picked Ruby Tuesday.

I was pretty impressed with the layout and that loft they have. Looks like one of the better airport restaurants. Was too tired to climb up those stairs to the loft so we picked a seat with a “nice” view of the 5th ring road and some greenery. Too bad no one bothered to wash the windows on the outside or it would have been a “great” view.

Onto the orders. We started with drinks. Ro ordered a Strawberry Lemonade and I opted for the prominently advertised Mango Sangria. All I can say is that my Sangria was superb. Take care of that ice at the bottom though. Got a brain freeze towards the end!

For starters we ordered a spinach and artichoke dip. It was great and pretty filling. For the meal we decided to try out their burgers for a change. Ro opted for a crab cake burger and I picked the Alpine Swiss. Yes mine is the big brown ugly looking one in the pic below. But don’t let the looks fool you. It was a really great burger. Other than that “rawish” onion ring, the rest of the burger was perfect. One odd thing on our plates was the tiny steel bowl with ketchup. Tiny steel bowls are what you normally find in Indian vegetarian restaurants and not with your burger and fries!

The staff were very friendly and helpful. The ambience was great and not much noise but that could be cause there were only 4 tables occupied! Overall a great meal at the end of a stressed out day.

One thing to watch out for while you walk towards the restaurant is the little stream of water along the wall and the tiny glass “bridge” while entering the restaurant. Its a very nice design concept but if your mind is waiting to sleep like mine was, you could almost trip into it. :)

Now for the ratings:

  • Staff Knowledge: (4.5/5)
  • Service: (4/5)
  • Food Quality: (3.5/5)
  • Price: (3.5/5)
  • Location & Branding: (3.5/5)

Overall Score: (3.8/5)

Ruby Tuesday is always a great place to eat at. I’m yet to eat there on a Tuesday though! :)