After a recent query on running MySabre on a Mac I decided to give it a try. There are two basic steps to get Sabre running on any machine. Step one is the VPN connection. Step 2 is to get MySabre running.

First I got a copy of the OSX version of Sabre’s VPN software. Not the easiest thing to find mind you. The install went smoothly and created a desktop shortcut to launch the VPN client.

After login, the VPN status appears in the task bar above. Yes its the same green S you find on MS Windows. I ran a quick test to make sure the VPN was working by selecting the Status option and clicking the Test button in there. Notice the successful response from localhost ( I’m gonna put up another post on how this so-called VPN seems to work!

The VPN setup was way easier than I anticipated. Onto step 2. The web-interface for MySabre has never worked well on any browser other than IE. In Safari, beyond the login screen, nothing seemed to work at all. I’m going to keep at this and will post an update pretty soon. Now I’m determined to get a functional Sabre running on an Apple Mac under OSX.

The sad part about all this is that there is no documentation on this anywhere. If you do find a link, post it in the comments. Part 2 of this experiment would be a successful query for air availability in OSX.