This time from Kuwait to Dubai, we flew Emirates Business Class. The pic above is of their new Business Class cabin introduced on some sectors. 

We reached the airport about an hour and half before take off and were greeted by a huge (and I mean huge) unorganised crowd of travellers all going to Dubai on the same flight. The 14 check-in counters servicing this flight didn’t seem enough and tempers were flaring up in the crowd. After waiting for 5 mins I decided to flash my online check-in printout to the floor manager and he arranged for a 15th check-in counter to open so we could go through quickly. Must say that the distant counter didn’t deter some crazy Indian ladies from running and ploughing their over-stacked luggage trolleys into Ro and mysef. Tough luck ladies, its back to the end of the line for you.

So we check-in quickly into our pre-selected economy seats, move through immigration and decide to have a quick snack at one of the less crowded coffee shops before we board. Here is the best part, while boarding, we get the good news that we are upgraded to Business Class. Seems they were over-booked! This was good news for me after a long day at the office and some hectic packing before leaving for the airport! 

These new business class seats are fabulous. The seats had extra-large screens (for an aircraft), excess leg-room and best of all there was a built-in massage. Oh yeah! That’s the way to fly. The Wave option seems to be the best, pick a medium intensity and low speed and don’t forget to stretch out the seat and just enjoy!

The fancy touch-screen remote needed a bit of learning to operate the ICE navigation but it was fun to try it out. Emirates has done a really great job on this!

The meals too were served in style. Since the lights were off while I was being served I got chicken instead of lamb but it was great and I didn’t bother to make a fuss.

You have got to try this out, its a real awesome experience! This was truly the best flying experience for Ro and me so far.