Michelle highly recommended Barbeque Nation so we decided to go out on a double date with her and Shyam. Its a very neat “Live-Grill” concept. We reached the restaurant around 7.30pm and were taken to our reserved table.

We ordered our drinks and in a few mins one of the waiters came over, took away the wooden panel in the center of the table and placed a grill box in its place. It sank neatly into the table and we could see the coal burning in there.

The buffet service is very neat and the starters range from mushrooms and paneer to prawns and chicken all on skewers. The choice of flavour is upto you and you can brush your food on the grill, with your choice of seasoning, by yourself. There are a variety of sauces available to mix and match too. :) A very fun grilling experience.

Once you can no longer down the starters, there is a flag pole on the table which you need to bend down and then you can start with the main course. A wide variety of spicy Indian curries and pulses will fill you up to the brim, but don’t over eat! They do have a big spread of desserts. I tried almost all of them… Gulab Jamuns, Shrikand (in a tiny mud bowl), souffles, cakes, fruits and best of all ice cream with your choice of toppings.   

The only faults I could find was lighting and the badly designed restroom.

Also a live band usually plays numbers on request but they decided not to show up for us. :(  

Now for the ratings:

  • Staff Knowledge: (4.5/5)
  • Service: (4/5)
  • Food Quality: (4/5)
  • Price: (4.5/5)
  • Location & Branding: (3/5)

Overall Score: (4/5)

Next time I’m back in Chennai, I’m having dinner here again. :)