So you’ve been lugging 20 bags around the mall like a porter for your wife and the stomach is now blocking out all commands from the busy shopper. As you reach the food court the most prominent signboards are the Lebanse tree and Santoor. My stomach drags me towards a more Indianish Santoor but hold on, there is a Chinese counter hidden behind the big Santoor hoarding. Its Shanghai Express tempting me with them juicy looking Chinese items, the food, not the staff since my wife is giving me “the eye” from over at the Santoor counter. ;) I’ve never noticed this place before.

I decide to have a 3-item combo plate. My choice is the noodles along with some brocolli beef and lamb. They add a wonton on the top along with a long spring roll. First time i’ve seen someone give a bonus on the 3-items combo plate.

Head over to the table, dig in and its amazing. Very tasty and quite filling. In fact, so filling and tasty, that I ask them to pack my lamb side so I can eat it later at home. Very neat packing job.

There was an odd thing about Shanghai Express and Santoor being side by side. Shanghai Express had Oriental counter staff and Indian cooks where as Santoor had Indian counter staff and Oriental cooks! Did the cooks decide to swap places? What matters is that Ro enjoyed her spicy meal form Santoor and I the Chinese.

Now for the ratings:

  • Staff Knowledge: (3.5/5)
  • Service: (3.5/5)
  • Food Quality: (4/5)
  • Price: (4.5/5)
  • Location & Branding: (3/5)

Overall Score: (3.7/5)

They are definitely worth eating at again.