I have a few physical Linux servers (or rather hi-spec desktops) at work and its high time I move them into a virtual environment. Although the company is moving to an all Microsoft Environment I’ve decided to try out VMWare Infrastructure since the VMWare client has always been my favorite for running virtual linux test machines.

I was quite amazed to find out that VMWare server is a free product! Not bad! On top of that, the UI is completely web-based and its so easy to setup and use. The only issue I faced was some conflict with the Microsoft Virtual PC that was pre-installed on this server. I uninstalled, rebooted and everything was ok.

The virtual linux machines ran superbly on this quad-core IBM server. I’m not sure how easy its going to be to convert the existing physical servers to a virtual one but it should be fun just trying to. :)

Microsoft’s Hyper-V is next on the list and will post my feedback on that as well.