With all these new Microsoft technologies being introduced at the office, I decided to check out the training material Microsoft has for these. You need to go to their e-learning site [link] and sign-in with your Microsoft Passport  to access the training material.

There are a lot of topics to choose from and some of them are even free. Once you pick the topic you want, you can activate the course and begin immediately.

What I like best about this training system is the Offline Viewer they have. Its a product from Element K [link] and it seems to do a great job!

You can opt to download for offline viewing the entire course or just one chapter in it. It also allows you to download multiple courses and view them offline at your convenience. I see this as a pretty neat feature. In addition as you complete your course, it updates your course status on Microsoft whenever you connect online. This way you can have offline copies at home and work as well as use it online anytime!