Well a lot of people seem to have a problem setting up MySabre to run on 64-bit machines and especially under Vista or the newer flavours of Windows. Just last week I had to setup MySabre on a 64-bit Windows 2008 server and the response I got from the Sabre Helpdesk was no-way, it won’t work!

So I decided to do a bit of experimenting and here is what you need to do to get it to run smoothly.

Step 1) Prior to Install.

Open up IE and navigate to Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Trusted Sites

Click on the sites button and type in “http://*.sabre.com”. You need to put in an asterisk (*) since the components for the MySabre interface are pulled in from various sub-domains. That’s why the login screen itself doesn’t work!!!

Step 2) After installing the VPN you will notice that the VPN shortcut doesn’t appear on your desktop! Well, go ahead and create a new one. Type in the text below for the “target” .

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.5.0_11\bin\javaws.exe” http://sabrevpn.sabre.com/vpnclient/sslvpn-tn.jnlp

Note that java got installed in a special “Program Files (x86)” folder instead of the regular “Program Files” folder. Check your folders for the exact location of javaws.exe and modify that path accordingly.

The next and most important part is to open up the properties window of your VPN shortcut, navigate to the Compatibility tab and check mark “Run the program as an administrator”. Without this the VPN will not be able to write to the hosts file.

And that’s it!