Indian Delights is a relatively new eat-out in Salmiya. We noticed it a few times but all those lights hanging out put us off from entering every time we passed by! :)

Not this time though since it was pretty late and we were terribly hungry. First off, I must say that the decor is incredible for a restaurant this size. They have about 5 tables inside and 6 out and they have a very distinct “bar” counter that you can’t miss! Of course, since this is Kuwait, the bar only serves mocktails!

And so we ordered. I picked a Black Knight to start with. Its a berry & lime concoction which tastes pretty good!

We started off with some Paneer Tikka. And that was some amazing Paneer dish. Larger than we expected for a starter and it was pretty filling.

Next we ordered a Mutton Vindaloo Beef Xacuti with Garlic Naans! The Vindaloo Xacuti was real yummy and tasted like home food. This is rare for any restaurant in Kuwait!
Overall the food was fantastic and the atmosphere was great! I like the fact that the waiters came by and served you as they brought the food! The menu, to my surprise was full of Goan dishes. They should have just named the restaurant Goan Delight!
The only problem I found was that some items on the menu were termed “Goanese” instead of “Goan”. That’s a humongous mistake to make on a menu! More importantly, the dumb-ass people who currently call us Goanese will get the impression they are right!

Now for the ratings:

  • Staff Knowledge: (4/5)
  • Service: (4.5/5)
  • Food Quality: (4.5/5)
  • Price: (4.5/5)
  • Location & Branding: (3/5)

Overall Score: (4.2/5)

I’m definitely going back there since there are a lot more Goan dishes in that menu just waiting for me to sample! :)
Update: Its was  Beef Xacuti, not Mutton Vindaloo! Good thing Ro noticed that!