We are implementing Dynamics AX at the office and the Microsoft partners have been bragging a lot about the Sure Step Methodology that they use. Sure Step is basically a comprehensive guideline for project managers with PartnerSource companies. It provides a clear outline of all the milestones and tasks needed to successfully implement a project. Of course, all projects need to be very flexible and so a software tool similar to Visio is provided to partners so they can fine tune Sure Step plan to each project.

Since the SureStep software is not the easiest thing to get a hold of, I managed to get my hands on a rather large poster (enough to cover the wall behind me) and I’ve scanned sections of it on my tiny A4 scanner.

The pic above is the Sure Step implementation for a Standard project and the one below is for a Rapid Project! Notice how so many of the steps in a standard project can be eliminated when you are on a tight deadline! ;)

There is an Enterprise project plan too which I will try to scan and stitch together soon.