Well, with all this talk talk and more talk about Dynamics AX, I finally decided to sit in at an installation! And bot was it an install. This is one of the most complex installation applications I’ve seen from Microsoft. Even the Wizard was confusing! After the AX server is installed on your machine it needs to be compiled!!!

This is a first for me! I’ve never come across any application that needed to be compiled AFTER installation! Its usually before.

Anyway, that compile option took a good 2 and a half hours to complete and then there was a real complicated license entry screen where about 50 different license codes were needed, one for each and every module and settings in there!!! Found out much later that there was a shortcut involved using a specially formatted file.

The entire setup took about 5-6 hours! And that didn’t include the Service Pack. Seems we need to compile the application again after installing the SP.

The application however, once installed, is real nice and seems very user-friendly for an ERP! Will post more on that later.