I was downloading a ton of files on one of my virtual machines when I noticed that it started to run out of disk space. :( Now this was the first time I had this issue with a virtual machine so I did a little digging on google. The solution is pretty easy but its a two step process.

1) You need to increase the size of the disk file (.vmdk). Open up a command prompt and type in the below:

vmware-vdiskmanager.exe -x 30Gb machine.vmdk

where 30Gb is the new disk size and machine.vmdk is the path to your disk file.

2) You will then need to extend the space on your existing partition (in windows for instance). There is a nice open-source tool called GParted [link]. Download the iso image, add it to your virtual machine as a cdrom and set the machine to boot from the cdrom. Once it boots up, pick your drive and select the “resize/move” option, type in the new size and hit Apply.

Thats all!