Another tool I’ve been very interested in getting a hold on has been this Customer Model Visualization Tool. This tool is also a Partnersource exclusive like the Sure Step modeler. Found it on the same demo machine. Its a fantastic tool and very easy to copy off another machine. Grab the folder from the Programs directory. Then make sure you have SQL server running locally. I setup the free SQL Server 2005 express to test this out. The first time you run the app, it will automatically try to create a new database on the local sql server.

You can create departments, groups and add people with their roles to them creating a full organizational chart. It has a great relationship viewer too.

The beautiful part is that you can add department processes with sub-processes as well. The only downside is that workflows need to be created separately and uploaded along with the processes. It would be great if they could add a flow charting tool in here too.

Overall its a great tool with nice keyboard shortcuts but its a bit slow especially with right-clicks. :)