We were at the 360 mall, checking out the food court when we noticed this restaurant and decided to give it a go. Supposedly its one of Lebanon’s finest restaurants.

The decor inside the restaurant is very nice. Its pretty spacious with large tables. The constant flow of water from their indoor waterfalls were a bit annoying and the lighting could have been brighter.

I must say that our initial impression was not that great. It was 15 mins before someone came to our table to take our order and then another 15 mins to find someone who knew English to take our order. :)

Their famous Sabah Wa Masaa cocktail didn’t impress me much but the Kiwi Ro ordered was very nice. We started with some Wine leaves and a Hommus with Spicy Sausages. Now I was expecting Sausages, but all we got was mince sprinkled on a bowl of Hommus, and it wasn’t one bit Spicy. However, it was very tasty and was the lightest Hommus we ever tasted.

Now when we ordered the mixed grill plate, the guy explained it to us like it would feed about 10 people. And even though we were just 3, we ordered it anyway. To my shock, they brought just a small dish with 2 tiny kebabs, 2 mini Sheesh Taawouk’s and a few tiny pieces of lamb. I said to Ro… “what stingy portions for an Arabic restaurant”. However after tasting it …wow!!! Most Arabic food is very “heavy” to eat. This mix grill dish was extremely light but yet very filling.

The meal was so filling that I couldn’t order their Kunafa. I was eyeing our neighboring table where 3 guys were digging into a big chuck of it!

Overall a good place with fantastic Arabian food. I’d recommend not sitting near any of the waterfalls since I noticed a few tiny flying thingies around them.

No pics of the food to post since the lighting was very poor in there.