Apps on Facebook have been around for a while now and one of the more popular apps I’ve seen my friends and office colleagues on is Farmville. Everybody is trying to be a farmer.

I was least interested in this app but about 10 days back I decided to check this out and created my own farm. Its actually a very nice game. You can plow your field, sow crops and harvest them. As you get more XP (experience) you can upgrade your farm size and add more stuff to your farm like stables and houses.

This game does need your attention on a regular basis since the crops wither if you don’t harvest them. The trick in getting the most out of the harvest is to plant crops based on your free-time schedule. After breakfast, lunch time, tea time and after dinner. Choosing the crops depends on whether you need more coins or more experience and a simple excel sheet can sort that out for you.

I think a great feature they could add would be the ability for multiple people to farm the same piece of land. I’ve noticed that a lot of my fellow farmers have slowly lost interest in the game after crossing level 30. Lets see what happens when I do. :)

Overall, if you need some time everyday to take a break from your busy schedule or to just go to your own world/farm, this is a great little game.