This isn’t a food review. We were  passing by this place at mid-night when this fella dressed up in a tribal Arab uniform jumped in front of us and invited us in. The bait was free Kahwa (Arabian coffee). We just finish dinner so we decided to go in for some sweets and coffee. Unfortunately, there were no sweets. Seems they will start serving sweets only after a week.


Anyway, what amazed us most was the authentic Arabian look of this restaurant. These people took a lot of trouble to get it to look so rustic down to the mud wall finishing and the occasional chipped wall. Even the elevator doors looks like the old gates of Kuwait. Its located on the mezzanine floor of a new building between Oriental and Mughal Mahal in Salmiya.


When you enter the restaurant, you fell like your back in the 70′s … the older “Old Souk” feeling. And that’s cause they have actually setup stalls in there. You can’t buy anything but its there on display. You can choose to dine in a  tent or in the general seating area.


They even have themed private rooms which were decorated amazingly. Even if you don’t want to eat at this place, you have to go there just to check out the interiors.

…And don’t forget to get your free Kahwa. :)