The Nokia netbooklet 3G is the neatest looking netbook I’ve seen. Its also the most expensive @ KWD 259/-.

BIM received this unit from Nokia for testing and review and I went over to check it out. It’s got an amazing 12 hour batter life, a sim card slot for 3G net access, its got built-in GPS (which works only with a 3G sim) and a HDMI connector. Also, it runs Windows 7 premium so its a lot better than those XP netbooks. And best of all, its built into a sturdy aluminium frame. More or less like an Apple Powerbook.

The two main drawback I found were the keyboard and the screen. I just hate it when they put a “FN” key in front of the “CTRL”. Not good for fast “typers” like me. Also, the gap between the keys could be reduced for better typing on such a small keyboard. The screen could have been wider. There is a lot of “black edge” along the sides of the screen. For this price I would expect a multi-touch screen, but guess Nokia didn’t think so.

One missing feature was a virtual cell phone. This could be the best portable conferencing tool ever.

And thinking of  travel agents, this is an amazing piece of hardware for a mobile agent.

Overall a very posh netbook with GPS and internet. It would be a great grab if it was half the price and had a multi-touch screen.