Well everyone is cribbing about the extra hot summer we are having here in Kuwait. The people sitting in my office probably complain the most. Primarily cause our air conditioning sucks and its not been rectified for ages. To add to that we are on the ground floor facing the main road and every time someone walks in (which is pretty often), they love to leave the door wide open.

We have had two portable air-conditioners lying here for a while now. We couldn’t set them up since they need an exhaust vent installed and we can’t do that without a ton of paperwork and running around. A few days back the heat got to me and I just plugged in one of the units and turned it on. Unfortunately it heated up the place even more since it gave out more heat from the back. After a few tries I managed to get the unit setup by leaving the door open. I put a small box in the way of the door and left the flexible exhaust vent on top of it to direct the heat outside. Our office looks like a mess with this setup, but hey, at least its cool in here.