It all started when Ro and I were walking down Geant’s  baking section at the 360 mall. There were some great offers on these “out of a box” cake products and one thing led to another and I ended up promising to bake a cake. So we came home with Betty Crocker’s Super Moist chocolate cake mix and a few baking goodies.

The instructions are real simple and easy to follow. Al you really need for the cake is some water, oil, 3 eggs and the cake powder in the box. Mix them all together, put it in a baking tray and shove it in the oven for 30 mins.

First lesson learnt while baking… if the toothpick keeps coming out sticky every 5 mins for half an hour, then the oven is probably off. I have no clue how or when the oven went off, but it was pretty embarrassing to figure out the cake wasn’t baking since there was no heat. Anyway, about 25 mins later the cake was finally ready and the whole house was smelling of chocolate.


Ro helped make the chocolate Ganache topping. Again, a very simple procedure. 1.5 bag of Hershey’s semi-sweet chocolate chips, some thick cream and a little milk mixed slowly over a double boiler. Took about 5 mins. And it tasted great. All I need is one of those pots with a candle below it and guess who ain’t going to  Chocolate Bar anymore for Fondue.

Second lesson learnt… although the chocolate is cool, the double boiler is HOT, very HOT! Use cooking gloves …or someone else’s hand at all times.

Topping the cake with the Ganache was fun … and messy, but worth it.

And finally, the serving. One slice of my oven fresh cake, one scoop of Tiramisu ice-cream and a generous topping of dark chocolate sauce all over … simply DELISH!