A few days back, I blogged about how I used a projector to setup my “Theatre @ Home” to watch movies as well as play the Wii. Here is the review.

Ro needed a small portable projector to use for her presentations. After looking around in Hawalli and all the major super/hyper/mega  markets there were only two that met the requirement, the 3M pocket projector for 115KD and the LG HS200G for 180KD. Our original budget was 100KD but after reading the online reviews and feedback on the LG one, I was convinced that the it was worth the price.

I picked up mine from Electrozan. It came with a free 500GB hard drive too. The saleman there told me this was a hot item and that they already sold about 475 units in the last few months. That’s a lot of projectors sold.

This model has some great features:

It’s Portable. And comes with a nice bag to carry around. Its pretty light and can be setup just about anywhere as long as there is a power.

Great Lamp Life. 30,000hrs. This is way more than the 2,500hrs most other projects out there provide.

Just Enough Ports. It’s got 5 input sources. USB, HDMI, VGA, RGB/Composite and and audio /video input. The USB port is the best. It will play any DivX compatible movies off any USB drive you connect.

No Heat & No Noise. Every other projector I’ve used till date has been noisy and generates a ton of heat. I guess the noise is mainly from the fan that’s trying to reduce the heat. This baby was still cool after 4 hours of silent service.

Super Image Quality. Although the lumen output on this is very low, the image dished out was  quite bright.

Great Controls. The remote and menu option as very simple and easy to use. I like the “blank” screen option in particular which basically just switches off the output.


There are a few things they could have done better with this model:

No Backlight for the remote. Mostly while watching movies, the room is completely dark. And if you need to pause the movie to get another scoop of ice-cream, then it can be hard to find.

Missing Zoom. There is no zoom option, either physical or digital. It’s not such a big deal, but if you need to mount this projector permanently and use it with multiple inputs, then this feature could come in handy.

Low Resolution. For presentation, games and even movies, 800×600 is fine. But I’d prefer a minimum 1024×768 for all those times you need to demo some software.

Overall its a great little projector and I’m hoping to make full use of this gadget daily.