So everyone who uses MySabre has probably heard of Sabre Red by now. Many have already migrated to it. But why is there so much fuss about it now? This is more or less the app I developed 5 years ago (which was never appreciated by Sabre then).

Sabre called up a while back and mentioned that a huge switch-over to Sabre Red was going to take place. Since then most travel agents I know who use Sabre have been asking about this and worried about learning a new tool. Chill people, Sabre has just put on a new Red Dress.

You still have to login twice (thrice if you left the VPN running). And there is no avoiding the blue terminal screen. :(

There is hope however. Supposedly Sabre is working on a new graphical screen which will replace the terminal. I’d really like to see it in action …sometime soon. ;)


And for those of you who contacted me about my last Sabre post on MySabre GX, guess what, Sabre Red is MySabre-GX. Looks like they forgot to take off the GX title from one of the screens. :)