Bayt now has this great new interactive dashboard. It’s got all kinds of new career tools that help you look at your career a completely different way. I love this “who’s looking for you” chart. Makes you wonder if you should start looking at other industries or countries.

There is also this great new keyword tag cloud widget. It basically shows you how the people who look at your resume found it. So if I see the tag “crazy foo” in big and bold, then I should probably remove Mr. T as a reference on my CV.

I also like the interactive skill demand and supply reports. Tried it out and looks like there is high demand and very little supply for some skills. This could be a great place to start for freshers instead of just following randomly in someone’s footsteps.

Overall, a great improvement but it looks like the data might be too much to handle right now. The site went down for quite some time yesterday. I’m assuming its the new features. Time to optimize those queries …or just get better servers!