A few weeks back I picked up this motion sensing LED light from ACE hardware. I’ve always wanted to install a motion sensing light at home ever since I saw it in action at the Hotel Alliance in Lourdes.

We have a pretty dark L shaped corridor at home and often fumble about the light switches in the middle of the night or early morning. I found a nice corner spot to mount the gadget where the sensor would get the best range and the light could be seen from almost everywhere in the flat. Luckily, it comes with a magnetic back panel and the pillar where I mounted it has some metal so it just sticks to the wall. :)

So now when we walk into the house, the light comes on. When we walk around, the light comes on. It can sense ambient light in the room as well so it won’t turn the light on unless the area is dark. And the best part, is that it switches off automatically too when there is no movement around the gadget.

No more switches! :)