When I came across the term “foldable car”, I was very intrigued. So I had to know more. Hiriko is a great little MIT pilot project which started in Spain. The aim is to build a bunch of tiny foldable electric cars which can shrink to a smaller size when parking (about half the length of a Smart).

There is a lot more to the project it but I found the folding aspect very interesting. What if we could use the same technique and fold all these regular to extra-large cars that we currently drive around. I bet most of our parking nightmares would be over. I can only image how odd a line of folded Hummers or Cadillacs would look like. :)

Personally, I love the concept of these tiny cars and they make sense for cities with narrow roads and little parking. But I would only drive them if every other car on the road was also a tiny car.