Pecha Kucha, which is Japanese for chit-chat, is a very interesting presentation methodology when you have a lot of presentations.

Every presenter has 20 slides each shown for 20 seconds and they auto run in the background. That way, in 6 min and 40 sec the next presenter gets to boot you off the stage. :)

Pecha Kucha Nights seem to have sprung up all around the world including Kuwait!

I wonder to what extent we can encourage more people in the corporate world to use a similar methodology. It’s good because you know that there won’t be more than 20 slides of boredom and there is a good chance you won’t fall asleep in 6 mins and 40 sec. And best of all, the presenters will have to stick to the point or get booted off the stage. :)

It’s a shame that very few people know to present at corporate meetings and how they love to stretch 30 min. meetings to hours. Frankly I tend to tune out in 20 mins or so unless the presentation is real lively.