I was reading about Motion Induced Blindness today on the Motorcycle Safety Foundation website. It’s interesting and scary at the same time.

Basically, when you drive at high speeds with no distractions (staying focused on the road ahead), you automatically go blind to other objects around you. In some cases, you may not see cars approaching from the sides, in other cases you may not notice the signal turning red. :(

This could account for the huge number of road accidents in Kuwait. Almost everyone drives over 120 km/hr on all the highways. We all drive through mostly desert terrain (brown sandy landscapes or brown buildings) with few distractions (unless your on the Gulf road). And most drivers wear huge sunglasses or head scarfs that block some of the side vision.

The solution is simple. Keep swiveling  your head every now and then and move your eyes about to break from gazing ahead.

To see how motion induced blindness works, try the demo at this link.