DuoLingo is a neat concept. You get to learn a new language for free and participate in translating the web to that language. The application itself seems to be improving constantly with invites being the latest feature. I have a few to give out so send me your email addresses if you want in.

I got invited to their private beta last month. I’ve been trying to learn Spanish and it seems to be going fine. The whole app is browser based and supports speakers so you can hear what sentences sound like as well as a mic so you can talk too (yes, it does analyze your pronunciation). I love the structured course outline and the simplistic UI. Overall it’s a very rewarding learning experience.

The crowd-sourced translation of the web bit is also pretty cool. Line by line, you submit your English translation along with hundreds of other users. Then you can view all the translations and rate them. There were some technical pages involving Linux commands that I translated and I think I did a damn good job on those! :)

I’m still learning the basics but it should come in handy when I visit any of the several counties that have a lot of native Spanish speakers!