Of late there has been a lot of news that the Ministry of Electricity & Water (MEW) was planning to cut off power supply to customers with outstanding amounts. Now they are planning to sue defaulters.

Recently, all doors (including the lift doors & passage doors) in my building and the neighboring ones were plastered with disconnection notices from MEW. The notice was a little generic a5 piece of paper stating that we had to pay our bill in 7 days or get disconnected. No mention of the meter number. No mention of the amount due!

Now who would want to get disconnected during these days when temperatures cross 50 degrees Celsius? So almost everyone from the building went over to MEW.

Seems they sent someone over to plaster notices, but that guy didn’t take the meter readings. So we had to go to the next building where one of their “engineers”  would come over and take down the meter readings. And here is the good part, all their “engineers” were demanding a 2KD “tip” for putting their signature along side the reading. Whether you take the reading yourself and bring it to them or you drive them to your building where they take the reading, you still need to pay them a 2KD “bribe” so they sign off on the meter reading so that you can pay your bill so you don’t have to sweat to death in this climate! How considerate of the MEW.

Now 2 KD may not sound like a lot, but when your electricity bill averages 4-5 KD per month, that does sound like a lot. Also, it’s 2KD per meter reading. So with an average of 40 meters per building in our area, these “engineers” would make about 80 KD per building. Actually, they would make about 80-160KD per day considering how many buildings are in our area. That’s more than a lot of real engineers make working in the Oil & Gas sector! And all this because they don’t have to deliver electricity bills to your door / meter like every other country does!

Anyway, our nice building “haras” (caretaker) was kind enough to assist all the tenants so the whole process went smoothly and we all paid our bills. A good start to the hottest summer ever!