Everyone who knows me, knows that I’m not fond of walking and that I’m a slow walker. I’m the guy that circles the parking lot 5 times just to get a spot closest to the lift just to avoid walking.

A few months back Ro bought me these Skechers Shape-Ups Liv shoes. I initially liked the shoes because of the funny curved sole and it was the first time I saw a DVD packed in the shoe box. :) I though the shoes came with some software but the DVD was just a marketing video.

So I give the shoes a try. It feels very odd at first, like walking on air. The shoes themselves are pretty light weight, have a very snug fit and the curved sole makes me feel much taller than I initially expected.

The best part of this shoe is the “natural stride” technology. Basically the curved sole design makes walking very comfortable. The design of the shoes naturally moves your feet ahead. I’ve not felt any pressure or tiredness from walking since using these shoes. In fact I’ve been walking much faster without getting tired, faster than Ro who is a natural fast walker. My days of having to keep up are over! :)

The only issue I’ve found with the shoe is the rocking motion you tend to get into if you stand anywhere or are waiting in a queue for something. It happens naturally and is fun, but after a while people start to wonder what’s wrong with you. :)

I’d recommend these shoes to all you lazy bums (like me) out there. Get a pair and give it a go!