After 7 years of good service, my curved Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard started malfunctioning. :(

Since that model is outdated I started researching some newer ones and came across Vertical Keyboards. The one in the picture above is from SafeType. They have a great video about the problems you get from using normal keyboards. I feel everyone must watch this at least once [link].

Basically there are three problems you suffer from while using the flat rectangular keyboards.

  1. Pronation: the twisting of the bones in your fore arm while turning your palms face down.
  2. Ulnar deviation: the twisting of wrists while aligning with the keyboard.
  3. Extension: bending of wrists to type.

My ergonomic keyboard reduced the Ulnar deviation and extension issues. Keep in mind that ergonomic keyboard use works well with wide armrest chairs or wide chairs with comfy armrests for the elbows. This is because your elbows are positioned outward automatically.

I found another vertical keyboard called Yogitype. Check out the video below:

I think we should all shift to vertical keyboards. In fact HR & IT departments should force employees to use these. A few extra bucks could go a long way in providing a stress free computing experience.

I wonder if anyone sells these in the Middle East. Happy typing!