I think almost everyone eventually starts to complain about how slow their computers are, especially how long it takes to boot up and then get ready for use.  Manually fiddling with the windows registry and other start up options got to be a habit till I decided to give Soluto a try.

Soluto is actually designed to enable the techie family members to help out the non-techie ones over the web. The free account supports up to 5 machines. Now this could also be used by the big corporate type companies but normally they don’t allow users to fiddle with system software in the first place. Even so it could be a great tool.

After you install the Soluto software, you can access the machine dashboard through their web-based interface. It’s a great little tool. I gives you options to install recommended apps, view your system performance and tune various common settings like your browser, homepage, etc.

My favorite option is the background apps tool. It shows you which apps are delaying your boot time and give you more info on them. You can even choose to not start them at boot time or just delay them till after you are able to start working on the machine. I rarely reboot my machine, but when I do, it’s good to know it won’t take forever to start up.

Soluto also monitors your system during use. I guess this part is still a work in progress. On my laptop I got a battery crashed message but it seems there was “No Solution Yet”. I guess a simple “Get a New One” would have looked good. :)

I think this tool is real easy even for non-techie people. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!