Google Maps now has Traffic enabled for Kuwait. This is going to become the most handy tool for drivers in Kuwait. With the  highest road accident rates in the world, most traffic jams seem to be accident related.

I’ll be checking on this tool almost every time I head out. I’ve discontinued my mobile internet subscription but those who have it could benefit even  more with real-time data and directions.

And in case you are wondering where Google gets all this info from, here is a statement from them:

“We anonymously combine speed and location information of GPS-enabled devices currently traveling on the road. This, combined with historic traffic data, helps us determine the traffic time estimate. IF you’d like to help make our estimates better through crowdsourcing and have a GPS-enabled phone, try using Google Maps for mobile the next time you’re in traffic.”

So all you people out there with internet and GPS enabled phones, please leave them on while driving. I could benefit the most. :)

BTW, Kuwait & Jeddah are the only places in the GCC with Traffic data.