About Me

Howdy stranger!

Here is a little info on me…

I hail from Goa but live in and have been brought up in Kuwait since I can remember. I’m your above average IT guy :) working in the Travel industry. I’m passionate about web technologies and very interested in scale model building.

People ask me about my name. Well “Alvares” is Portuguese and means “All True” :) . “Mario” is Italian and means “Warrior”. So that would make me a True Warrior or a Truthful Warrior :D

I hope to write about and share the things I enjoy, mostly IT related stuff. You’ll also find things that amuse me, things that astound me and occasionally things that tick me off.

Whatever your pleasure, if you’re visiting, I hope you’ll enjoy what you read and if you care to, feel free to leave a comment.


About this Blog

This blog is run by Mario Alvares, a Goan Web Guru living in Kuwait, sharing some of his thoughts with the rest of the world. Click the About Me link for more info and a funny mug shot. Check out the posts on this blog and feel free to leave your comments. Use the RSS links above to subscribe.