This MIA Bad Girls video was inspired by all those Arab drifting videos on YouTube. I like it. Especially the  skating bit.

Maybe someone will shoot a similar video in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh. I was there last week for some work on my car and local drifters were in action there. Seems they still drift there the whole day long. I thought they had stopped it since there are now like half a dozen schools in that area.

The Voice – Season 2 is on and this epic battle round between Anthony Evans &  Jesse Campbell is my all time favorite. I could probably keep watching this all day long.

The Indian Cultural Society is organizing a comedy night on 27th April at the American International School. Dean Obeidallah & Aron Kader from the Axis of Evil as well as Nitin Mirani from UAE are scheduled to keep the crowds ROTFL. :)

It should be great fun and the proceeds are for a great cause. There will be premium and VIP lounge access but passes are going fast to request yours quickly.

For passes or more information (like sponsoring the event) get in touch with:

  • A. A. Khan : 66568147
  • Minhaj Shikari: 99710242
  • Sakina Shikari: 66639372
  • Murtaza Pachorawala: 66763786
  • Mohamed Kagdi: 99788692

Service Hero released its 2011 Customer Satisfaction Index for Kuwait.

I was surprised to see such a low number of Kuwaiti voters, only 23%. Bad websites on average are no shock.

I don’t think I voted last year though I’m quite sure I did when they first launched in 2010. I like the winner comparison page. Gives you an idea of who is improving in service. :)



A few weeks back I picked up this motion sensing LED light from ACE hardware. I’ve always wanted to install a motion sensing light at home ever since I saw it in action at the Hotel Alliance in Lourdes.

We have a pretty dark L shaped corridor at home and often fumble about the light switches in the middle of the night or early morning. I found a nice corner spot to mount the gadget where the sensor would get the best range and the light could be seen from almost everywhere in the flat. Luckily, it comes with a magnetic back panel and the pillar where I mounted it has some metal so it just sticks to the wall. :)

So now when we walk into the house, the light comes on. When we walk around, the light comes on. It can sense ambient light in the room as well so it won’t turn the light on unless the area is dark. And the best part, is that it switches off automatically too when there is no movement around the gadget.

No more switches! :)




I would guess that running a concrete pump from across the road would be pretty unsafe and very dangerous! If one of those pipes break, that’s a lot of concrete dropping over the cars passing by below.

On the plus side, doing it this way reduces the usual traffic congestion caused by the combination of the pump truck and the huge line of mixer trucks along the road. Don’t you just hate when that happens!

For a while now, Ro has been claiming that I snore while sleeping. Well, maybe I do … a little. :)

Anyway, recently I decided to pick up these nasal strips and give it a try. The strips are like a band-aid which go over the nose. In principal it just keeps the nasal passage open so the air flows through freely and you can breathe  easily. It’s a bit of an odd feeling when you first put it on but be careful while taking it off in the morning… a big “Ouch” was all I said. :)

I’d recommend using these, since it does give almost instant relief if you have a blocked nose. Ro has already recommend it to all her buddies who have similar trouble staying asleep. ;) Good luck fellas!

The arrivals page on the Abu Dhabi airport website is interesting. It gives you the option to search for flights that landed the previous day but nothing ever shows up. It’s like no flight landed yesterday!

Seems you can’t get info on any flight 1 hour after it lands. Makes sense since you’ll probably have past immigration and would be in a cab by then or even reached your hotel. But I still think they should make that fact a little more clear on this page or remove the “Yesterday” option.


Today afternoon we had quite the dust storm. Strong winds and very low visibility.

I went to the airport in the evening and it was insane.

Almost all the airport staff were wearing dust masks. There was a light dust cloud inside the airport. Even in the restaurants! It was quite suffocating. I’ve never seen this problem before during any of the other sand storms.

Bet the Kuwait Airways staff were happy they went on strike today. Or maybe one of them left a window open somewhere to make a point. ;)


Last Saturday I saw this cement truck that flipped over near the intersection of the 6th Ring Road and the 60. Seems the driver was trying to avoid a car speeding off the ramp. Most people don’t realize that larger vehicles were not designed to swerve safely but natural human reflexes make you swerve anyway.

Luckily no one was hurt badly but it could have gone real bad if someone was overtaking the truck on the wrong side …which happens a lot in Kuwait. :)


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