There are a lot of TV shows going online now like on Hulu and NBC. However, in Kuwait (and even Dubai) the shows don’t play. Seems you need to be in America to watch them. Norm & Vela were pretty eager to stay up to date on the US election TV coverage. And I was pretty eager to watch the latest episode of Knight Rider on My TOR client doesn’t get the job done since it  routes traffic through any country. Did a little research and here is how its done:

1) Download and install Hotspot Shield [link].

2) Start up Hotspot Shield. Give it some time while it tries to connect.

3) Once the task bar icon turns green, you are all set to go. Type in or or your favorite url and enjoy.

It gets a bit slow sometimes and you get ads on the pages. But its a small price to pay.

Once your done with the video, you can disconnect Hotspot Shield from the status bar using the right-click options. Try it out and lemme know how it goes.

Update: It won’t work on the 64bit version of Vista.

Am staying at the Radisson SAS here in Dubai Media City. They have these touch screen table-type information kiosks on the second floor with hotel information, city guides and on-going meetings. Was waiting for the lift on my way to the exhibition and wanted to find out what this ran on. I’ve created similar kiosk apps for ZEISS a few years ago. Took a minute to find the weak point… an animation for their spa treatment and gave it a “click” too many causing it to crash. Seems windows can’t handle a simple info kiosk application. On my way back I noticed the kiosk was shut off :) . A format and re-install must have been overdue anyway.

Mixed thoughts on the efficiency of the Dubai Airport and their immigration system. I landed here around 12am to see queues as long as the hall. After waiting for 40 mins to reach the counter, the officer tells me I need to get some paper work done for my visa. OK. So I part ways with my colleague there and go back. Paperwork took about 10 mins. Another 45 mins waiting and this time I get another officer who asks me why I got the paper work done!?! Whaddaya mean why!!! Your dumb-ass pal asked me to.

Anyway, the second officer was very curtious and had a big wide smile. Welcome to Dubai and have a nice stay. :) Off to Media City for a much deserved nap.

About a week ago I posted about hacking traffic signs [Link]. Took this snap while driving to work.

Is that a smiley? Hmmmm… I wonder who dun it ;)

Seems Latina Mina was caught drunk on 99.7. [Link] I really like her afternoon show. The best among all the RJ’s on FM99.7.

We were tuned in last night when some Lebanese DJ (very shy voice) was playing house music. She was pretty excited since he was a Doctor of sorts, and his triceps and biceps were driving her crazy. I think all the real excitement started after we stepped into Baskin Robbins. Missed it! :(

Was watching the video above a few days ago of another show with DJ Saynomore.

I was pretty amused to see this cab in front of me. Taxi Alfares. In Kuwait my family name keeps getting spelt as Al-Fares or Al-Faris instead of Alvares. There is no “v” in Arabic. Guess I could call them up and say “I’m the Son of your Boss. I need a free ride.” :)

Any developer who has worked with me will tell you that I’m a real fussy fellow when it comes to keeping the code clear and readable. But when it comes to the HTML code its a different story. I love it compressed. No extra lines and no extra white-space. The thing is that extra white-space, blank lines and comments are ignored by the browsers. So what’s the point in sending them to the browser in the first place!!! It just eats up more bandwidth and takes a few milliseconds more to download.

With wordpress, its the same thing. Lotsa white-space. But I have a special dilemma. I’d like to use as many 3rd party modules as I want to and keep them all up to date. But that would mean fixing the code in all these modules every time. So I’ve designed a special module for WordPress. It cleans up the HTML code just before its sent out to the browser. Now I can play with all the modules I want to without having to worry about the HTML code.

The above image gives you an idea of what the HTML looked like befor and after using my new module.

Found this while on youtube. The guy who put this together must be a real fan. Great job!

Add Air Wolf in there and we’ll have a real fast show. Add the A-Team and I’ll never take my eyes off the screen :D

I’ve been watching the new Knight Rider 2008 [link]. I was very excited to see one of my favourite childhood TV shows being continued. The pilot episode was quite nice but the following episodes were not too exciting.

I think the Ford Mustang was a pretty good choice. Nice little muscle car. What I don’t like are those transformations. Too much computer graphics. The most ridiculous one is where the car turns into a pickup truck. That’s just dumb. Guess they couldn’t find anyone talented enough to put in some mechanical transformations. I like the in-car projection thingy. But where are those runway-style lights on the accelerator? I miss those shots where KITT would start up and drive itself, they were pretty exciting.

Now the cast. There are too many people on that team. If I recall correctly for most of the original Knight Rider there was just Michael, Devon and Bonnie. I just don’t know, there is something missing in the show, maybe its just the charm that David had. I guess Justin has some pretty big shoes to fill :)

Wanted is one awesome movie. A must see for all action movie fans. Its been quite a while since I saw some decent action and stunts in movies. I love the car chases and the effect whenever they jump through glass. I give this movie a 5/5.

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