North by Northwest is a great Alfred Hitchcock movie. I guess the scenes and shots were pretty amazing for those days. Two scenes I loved where the once with the plane shooting down Thornhill and the other was the one on Mount Rushmore. Its a 5/5 rating.

If we all could talk this fast and comprehend it as well, just image the possibilities!

Was at Entertainment City this weekend. The last time I visited was about 15 years ago. Very little has changed. One of the most incredible rides is the Tornado. I don’t think I was totally prepared but I went on it anyway. The first bit, going up, is fun. Then it waits for like 15 seconds giving you a view of Kuwait City in the distance. And then the insanity starts. It just keeps spinning and it seems like forever. Anyway, my advice to people going on this ride for the first time is to keep your eyes shut on the second round going down. My head was still spinning for 2 hours after I got off the ride. Overall it was awesome!!!

This guy is insane. Funny but insane. I definitely don’t want to be fishing when he is around.

Its been a week of following the General Motors Diet. This diet works! 4 kgs lost in 7 days. And… I’m feeling lighter, stronger and more alert. I’ll recommend this diet to anyone who needs to lose a few but you need to have a lot of self control caz you can get real tempted during this 1 week. However, it seems in the case of women, the weight loss is noticeable only after 2 weeks because of their metabolism. Either that or my wife is pulling a fast one on me ;)

Non-techies may not understand what is so funny!

Another day of beef but this time with more veggies. Quite filling. Getting very bored of this diet already!

Well, this is probably the last photo of the SWITCH Web Development Team in Kuwait. We did some great stuff together and I especially enjoying all the hacking :) Above is a photo of our last time together hanging out at Marina Mall. Hope we 3 meet up again someday. Good memories!

Was out with the chaps and we decided to have dinner at Marina. I had my GM Diet going on and wanted to stick to beef and tomatoes. I picked Kudro (great shawarmas) caz of their Shish Kebab meal… beef and tomatoes. I was glad when I saw the menu and ordered it. But when I opened the big styrofoam box I was shocked to see 3 tiny kebabs about the size of my index finger. KD 2.250 for that? Maybe the chef got hungry and ate most of the meat himself!!! I expected better from Kudro. :(

Today was a filling day. Lotsa lean beef paties and tomatoes. So far 3.5 kgs lost in 4 days. Not bad!

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