This guy is just amazing.

The chap at our bakala must think we are nuts. We either go there for ice-cream or nuggets. The last few days its only been fruits and veggies and last night we took his entire stock of bananas. ;)

I’ve eaten more bananas today than I have in the last 4 years.  I’m not too fond of them unless they come with ice-cream or chocolate syrup …ummm yummy :D . Of these last 4 diet days, today was probably the most filling. I didn’t feel too hungry all morning after my breakfast of bananas and milk.

Can anyone count the number of bananas from the leftover skins in the pic below? :)

I can’t be sure if this is for real, but if it is, its simple awesome. I wonder if this can be done on those new traffic information boards in Kuwait! Maybe I should give it a try ;) .

Today is day 3 of our diet. Fruits and Veggies. Feeling very light. Went for our usual 20 min walk but today I walked the entire 20 mins without feeling tired or cribbing about the walk. Usually I start cribbing after the first 2 mins of the walk and my wife drags me the rest of the way :) Looks like the diet is working. I can’t wait for day 5!!!

Was driving down to the Sheraton Roundabout on the 1st Ring Road when I remembered a post on Kuwait Sunsets the “Great Q8 SunSET challenge” from intlxpatr [Link]. Got my wife to click a few photos. Kuwait doesn’t really seem to be a sunset place. The sun goes down real fast here. Maybe its caz I’m mostly roaming around on the east side of Kuwait where catching the sunrise might be better (i.e. if i can ever wake up that early).

Another reason for me to start playing piano again. [Link]

These guys are very very funny and entertaining. I just might start playing the piano again. All I need to do is find a violinist to accompany me and one that remembers to put on his pants ;) . [Link]

I’ve had this site running for a while. It gets a lotta visitors and eats a ton of bandwidth. Seems to be pretty popular with Goan in the UK and States. I need to revamp this site one of these days, mostly the design I guess. Maybe some ads too. I have to add a few more articles as well and an FAQ / tutorial section.

Went “veggie” shopping for day 2 of our GM diet where we found this “lovely” heart-shaped potato at the Shamiya Co-op.

I stuffed myself silly with apples, pears, kiwi and grapes the whole of yesterday. Its a real strange feeling eating only fruit. The temptation to steer away from the diet was incredible while driving down to the beach last night, all the fast food joints and bakeries. Today morning had a hot baked potato for breakfast. Rest of the day is just veggies. :(

I came across this real funny video! Must check it out!

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