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Came across Flight Radar 24 this morning when one of my colleagues inquired about monitoring flights in real time. I immediately focused on the Middle East region and found an interesting flight path. Looks like the site tracked this flight’s take off and landing multiple times as it shuttled between Kuwait and Dubai. There was another interesting flight [...]

I’d have to say that on an average I get a complementary business class upgrade on every 4th journey. Its just one of those things that puts a big smile on your face at the check-in counter and an even bigger smile when you get into the aircraft. I noticed that this is more prominent [...]

I think its fair to say that most of us travel pretty often by air nowdays. The main reason would be cheaper prices and the next would be better availability of seats than maybe 10 years ago. With these frequent visits to the airport, do we take our flights for granted? Most flights require you [...]

Mobiles at 36,000 Feet

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“Thousands of passengers on AeroMobile-equipped Emirates aircraft depart daily from Dubai to destinations across its global network. Over 350 Emirates short and long haul flights operate weekly with AeroMobile covering services to 49 countries. That’s about 1/4th of their entire fleet. The AeroMobile in-flight system allows passengers the choice of safely using their own mobile [...]


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The return flight from Dubai on Emirates was great. Looked like a new 777 aircraft. And the most amazing thing was this new version of ICE coupled with wide-screen displays on every seat in economy (no, my company won’t pay for a business class ticket). The control too was new with a nice led display, [...]

I’m back in Kuwait after 2 weeks of vacation in India. Will post more on my trip over the next few days. My ears are blocked from the flights I took to get back. My hearing volume is at 30% or so. Note to self, DO NOT FLY when you have a cold. Seems that [...]

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